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We bring ideas to lives

Our everyday is just like yours: Doing what has never been done before. Fast.

CAR-NK cells for cancer treatment
Vils: Process expertise

Process-driven, not facility-driven

You are pioneers trying to do things that have never been done before.   
You need a new facility to host those great inventions.   
The process is at the heart of your daily life so a facility-driven approach misses the point of capturing your discoveries. 

We pioneer in Process-Driven design of development and production facilities targeted to cell and gene therapies and cellular agriculture.   
It allows you to bring ideas out of the lab into people’s lives. Fast.

Business-driven not engineering driven.

Starting from your ideas, over the business case to a fully operational facility.   
We offer help with the business plan, assistance in meetings with investors and create the full-scope design. That’s it.   
Tailored to your decision process, what you need, when you need it

Building on solid organizational experience and technical expertise.

The building is the icing on the cake, not the cake itself.   
Yet, it requires attention too. 
We are a full-scope engineering office as well.  

Next to in-house Project management, Process Architecture and Clean Utilities, we rely on our solid teams for Civil, Structural, Architectural, HVAC, and Electrical - Engineering to shape the final solution around your process.

Bils: Facility expertise

Agile, Seamless Execution

High-quality design followed by swift execution with tight controls; a dream too good to be true?   
We complete projects fast by working with trusted, expert partners.   
Our customary process for end-to-end tender secures scope, schedule and quality early.   
This gets you to market faster and will, at times, save lives. 

Your partner for solutions not just projects 

Let us help guide you through a seamless transition from vision to reality.

Who we are
We speak your language

We are scientists and engineers just like you – with a head for business. We dream your dream because nothing inspires our people more than making it possible for a great idea to enhance – or even save – people’s lives.


We speak your language because our multi-disciplinary teams include specialists in pharma, biotech and cellular agriculture applications. We are process experts, process architects, project managers and project engineers with practical, hands-on experience as users, plant owners and more.


And whatever our specialties, all of us understand that in your business, being fast is sometimes a matter of life and death. 

Who we are

We look forward to introducing you to our team of pragmatic idealists. Ask a VILS team member how we can help bring your project to market at speed. As part of XILS, VILS and BILS are members of the worldwide Masco Group. 


We focus on the essential in Process Design, Development & Delivery. This enables our clients to bring their ideas to market while their competitors are still planning how to get there.


VILS was tasked by Univercells to design and built a 8000m2 new viral vector and biologicals campus in 2020. While the world went into Covid-lockdown, the integrated teams delivered the full GMP Scope of Operations BSL2-level, R&D support areas and QC labs in a record breaking 18 months from the start of the design until the EMA-inspection. The scope included as well to make 2 existing building shell fit for purpose by adding micro-piles, cutting out trenches, refitting of areas, fitout of cleanrooms until class C including an overhaul of the warehouse capacity.


Exothera NOVA Jumet (B)

  • - Process Concept
  • - BOD
  • - EPCM
  • - 16 months
  • - Vaccines
  • - USP
  • - DSP
  • - QC


Cellular Agriculture
Mosa Meat

After succesfull VILS Concept Design, BILS was hired by MosaMeat to contract the design and construction of both R&D labs and Pilot Facility. ​ 

Within a timeframe of under 1 year, a full 1000m2 of premises were fitted out with Cleanrooms, Lab space, lab furniture and equipment including all utilities such as Purified Water, gasses etc ​ 
The facilities support MosaMeat in developping the next generation cultured bovine meat of clean quality without the use of animals. ​ 

The pilot facility supports all potential cell culture and treatment steps possible, leaving flexibility in technology to experiment and improve yields further from the lab-scale. ​


Mosa Meat Maastricht (NL)

  • - Process Concept
  • - BOD
  • - EPC (BILS)
  • - 11 months
  • - 5 Mio Euro
  • - Cell & Gene
  • - Medical Device
  • - R&D
Mosa Meat

VILS was requested by Novasep (now ThermoFisher) to design and built the set-up of a novel type of Formulation Fill and Finish to support the Senrise II plan. At the Belgian site of Seneffe a approx 2000m2 building was erected and put into operation in just over 16 months from the white sheet of paper. VILS Scope included all design, building permitting, tendering and purchasing on behalf of the customer, construction management and documented commissioning to allow leveraging. Within the footprint Aseptic Formulation, Fill and Finish operations will take place alongside all QC release for the whole Seneffe Operations.


The team also integrated and support the purchase of a new Filling Line and equipments such as autoclaves, lab equipment etc.


Novasep Seneffe (B)

  • - Process Concept
  • - BOD
  • - EPCM
  • - 16 months
  • - 12 Mio Euro
  • - Aseptic F&F
  • - Biologicals 
  • - Viral Vectors
  • - QC Labs



While eTheRNA was fundraising, VILS onboarded in 2015 to support our client with the design and construction of mRNA GMP Compliant cleanrooms. The scope included a modular design of class B GMP Cleanrooms, all utilities and equipment. 
The premises also host a QC and storage area.


eTheRNA Niel (B)

  • - Process Concept
  • - BOD
  • - EPCM
  • - 5 months
  • - 2 Mio Euro
  • - mRNA
  • - QC
  • - R&D
Etherna desktop
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Make a difference to people’s lives. First.

Work with us

We are always looking for talented scientists and engineers who want to have an impact in the world outside the lab. When you join us, you will work with and learn from some of the smartest people you have ever met. And you will bring energy, enthusiasm, and an innovative mindset to do things that have never been done before.

We have an inclusive, supportive environment of trust, intellectual freedom and original thinking, not copy/paste solutions. You and your colleagues will pioneer new ways to transform breakthrough research into products and therapies that improve people’s lives – and sometimes even save them.

Our idea of fun is to go where no one has one before. If yours is, too, we’d love to have you on board. 

Work with us
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